The internet has fantastic resources for pet owners but sometimes it can be hard finding a website that you can trust. That’s why we’ve taken the guess work out and compiled a list of sites that we commonly refer to and direct clients to.

General Knowledge 
Veterinary Partner –
Pet Poison Helpline –
Merck Pet Health Manual –
American Animal Hospital Association –

Feline Friendly Resources 
Feline practicioners –
Indoor Pet Initiative –

Hills Veterinary Diet –
Royal Canin Veterinary Diets –
Rayne Veterinary Diet –

When choosing websites here are some things to consider…

Site Ownership – Who is the site’s owner or producer? Do you recognize the name? Are they reputable?

Currency – How often is the site updated or revised?

Audience – Who are the primary users or target audience?

Perspective – Is there a bias or unbalanced orientation? Is the goal to educate, sell products, or promote an opinion?

Content – Is the content informative, timely, well balanced, documented (e.g., sources of information are given), and accurate?

Authorship of Content – Are the authors’ credentials known (e.g., DVM)?

Overall Quality – Are there any obvious or known errors, faults, or inconsistencies?

Style – Is the site user-friendly and attractive? Is it easy to follow?  Is there a built-in “search” feature?

Organization – Is the site well organized?

Stability – Is it a reliable and established site?